How to plan a trip
to Europe with
Travel Planning

An online course designed especially for YOU if you are new to international travel, if you haven't traveled in awhile, if you have a dream destination in mind, or if your travel bucket list is growing!

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"SUPER EASY" Travel Planning

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    Travel Blogger

    Who am I?

    I love to travel. I especially love to travel to Europe, which is crazy because most of the time I am a homebody! Almost ten years ago, I ventured out on my first international trip to London. SOLO! I was hooked. Do you have dreams of traveling and exploring the world?

    Do you need to know where to start? And then the next step? I can teach you all of that and more! "SUPER EASY Travel Planning" is an easy-to-follow online course that focuses on European travel with tips for ALL travel close to home and abroad.

    What will YOU learn?

    • Book air travel and plan your itinerary
    • Find lodging and how to accrue hotel points
    • Make transit reservations
    • Plan for and collect the necessary travel documents
    • Discover day trips to amazing locations
    • Fine tune your packing skills
    • Make use of travel apps and websites in your planning and as you travel
    • Boost your travel confidence